Availability is the property of being accessible and usable upon demand, where in cyber security it applies to assets such as information or information systems. Information may be confidential in the cyber world, which affects the availability of information or information systems.

How does Availability affect SMBs?

As an SMB, it is important to have information and data readily available to your employees or your customers. It is important to also consider the integrity and confidentiality of the data you possess.  An authentication process ensures the user(s) accessing your critical or sensitive data is an authorized and trusted user. For example, a bank only gives you access to your account information through their mobile application once you provide both a password and biometric authentication such as facial recognition or a texted one-time password. This ensures you are who you say you are and the bank is confident they’re protecting your confidentiality.  The Mobile app protects the data from arbitrary changes which could impact the integrity (what is your bank balance showing?  Is it accurate).  And the Bank has the responsibility for making sure their online banking is always up and running so your data is Available to you.  This represents the trifecta of data protection.

Related Terms: Privacy, Confidentiality, Integrity

Source: CNSSI 4009, NIST SP 800-53 Rev 4, 44 U.S.C., Sec 3542

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