CyberHoot Pricing

From Negative to Positive: Our Patent-Pending Approach Redefines Phish Testing!

  • Monthly Assignment-Based Phish Testing
  • Revolutionizes Phishing Test Standards
  • Simple, Positive Learning Tool
  • Extensive Phishing Indicator Education
  • Multi-customer Tenancy 
  • Fixed Monthly Cost

Automated Cybersecurity training for your customers and employees at a FLAT RATE

  • Monthly Cybersecurity Training Videos
  • Quarterly Assignment-Based Phish Testing
  • Dark Web Monitoring For All Users
  • Branded Emails & Customer Experience
  • Multi-customer Tenancy 
  • Fixed Monthly Cost

Most Powerful Cyber Training and Tools: Policies, Video Training, Phishing, Dark Web

  • All Autopilot Features
  • Policy Module
  • Custom Video Module
  • Attack Based Phishing Simulations
  • Multi-customer Tenancy 
  • Free Use For Internal Employees 

Find out how CyberHoot can secure your business.