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CyberHoot provides a portfolio of products needed to keep yourself, your business, and your customers secured.

HootPhish technology screenshot

 HootPhish for Partners

HootPhish is our one of a kind, patent-pending technology that's all about teaching people how to spot tricky phishing emails, but in a fun and helpful way. Instead of making users feel bad by tricking you into clicking fake links like old-school tests, HootPhish gives users special assignments to learn about seven signs that show an email might be a phish. It's like a game where you get to practice finding these signs in fake emails. The best part? HootPhish changes the difficulty based on how good you're getting and always tells users what they did right or missed after each round. This way, learning about email safety is more about getting smarter and less about feeling stressed.

Autopilot Training Interface

Autopilot for Partners

Autopilot offers hassle-free cybersecurity training and phishing testing with its "set and forget" monthly training schedules and quarterly HootPhish assignments. It includes automated Dark Web monitoring, eliminating the need for password management. With no training administration required, it's a fully automated, year-round solution.

Power for Partners / MSPs

Power is a our multi-tenant, white-label cybersecurity product that includes all the features of Nest, such as automated video training, phishing tests, policy compliance, and dark web monitoring, but extends its capabilities to support multiple customers, offering a comprehensive and scalable security solution for a range of our Partners and Managed Services Providers.

CyberHoot's powerful multi-tenant platform designed for partners and MSPs to provide automated and full control over cybersecurity training, phish testing, policy compliance, and Dark Web monitoring.

CyberHoot's Nest for full power over cybersecurity training and phishing for your business.

Nest for Businesses

Nest is a powerful, white-label cybersecurity solution for individual businesses, offering single-tenant access to automated video training, phishing tests (including our patent-pending HootPhish technology), policy compliance, and Dark Web monitoring. It provides businesses with the flexibility to either control their cybersecurity measures manually or set them to run automatically, ensuring comprehensive security with ease.

Frictionless Solution Yields High Compliance

No Login For Users

Tired of receiving support requests for users who forgot their password and cannot login? Not with CyberHoot! Users receive all their assignments directly via email and do not need to login.

Open Platform

CyberHoot combats user boredom by providing an open platform that presents foundational content alongside interesting content from multiple cybersecurity sources. Additionally, you can add your own content as well.

Automatic vs Power Clients

CyberHoot 'Automatic' clients remove the burden of manually assigning videos, programs, or phishing by automatically assigning a monthly video and quarterly phishing assignment to all users. 'Power' clients give you the flexibility to assign training, policies, and phish testing on a schedule of your choosing.

Automatic Onboarding Email

Every new Standard client employee automatically receives an Onboarding Introduction email from CyberHoot explaining how the tool works. Power Clients can manually receive this message from client administrators. This email helps with adoption by all employees who might otherwise ignore these training emails.

Included Bonuses


CyberHoot provides integration into some third party applications and has an API that can be leveraged for custom integrations.

Monthly Newsletters

Optionally subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on the latest Cybersecurity topics and CyberHoot announcements.

Partner Whitelabeling

Use your company's branding across the CyberHoot platform and emails with whitelabeling provided to our partners.

Free for Individuals

CyberHoot provides free training and dark web scans to individuals.

Entra ID & Google Workspace User Syncing

Sync users with CyberHoot automatically using Entra ID or Google Workspace.

2-Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication to add another layer of security for administrators.

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