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Get trained quickly and effectively.  Short 3-5 minute videos giving you what you need to protect yourself.

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Dark Web Monitoring

We monitor the Dark Web for you and let you know if any accounts with your email have been exposed.

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Bootcamp 101 includes...

Cybersecurity Training

6 Cybersecurity Training Videos

  1. 1
    - Cybersecurity Introduction Video
  2. 2
    - Spotting and Avoiding Phishing Attacks
  3. 3
    - Passwords, Passphrases, and Password Managers
  4. 4
    - Two-Factor Authentication - What is it and why is it important?
  5. 5
    - WiFi Insecurities and How to Reduce WiFi Risks
  6. 6
    - The Many Benefits of a Password Manager

* One video per week for 6 weeks

Dark Web Monitoring

Weekly reports tell you when an employee's account has been compromised on the Dark Web, allowing you to respond quickly and reduce risk.

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Stay informed!  Our newsletter is  chocked full of cybersecurity topics and tips.

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