We Love Our Customers.

"Single Digits chose CyberHoot to address our Awareness Training and Policy Governance needs because it was simple and effective. Unlike other LMS systems which require 45-minute training videos and dozens of trick questions, our staff receives important training in less than 10 minutes once a month. I’d recommend CyberHoot to anyone looking for a quick, simple, cost-effective approach to securing their business in the 21st century. You’ll be glad you did!" 

John Nelson VP Engineering


"Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing threat in today’s online business landscape. CyberHoot got our team trained quickly and efficiently in cybersecurity best practices. CyberHoot built a customized and cost-effective program to help us execute on our cybersecurity goals. If cybersecurity is important to you I would recommend getting started with CyberHoot. I’m glad I did!" 

Alex Kellogg COO

Rumbletree, Inc.

"As a small business we didn’t have the budget for our own Cyber Security advisor so when we found CyberHoot, we signed up immediately. With CyberHoot, we get regular training videos with questions to challenge what we learned. We learn something new every time. I would highly recommend CyberHoot to anyone looking for this type of training." 


Heather A. Ashton Owner

Ashton CPA

"As far as CyberHoot’s value for Pro Sports, we find it much easier to send/track/acknowledge policies, procedures and compliance related documents than ever before. It has really helped free us from the administrative weight of collecting and organizing documents using hard copy formats. The dashboard is a wonderful tool to quickly view participation rates and it is much easier to follow up and track employees who haven’t completed the task at hand. From a human resources perspective, we have also migrated many on-boarding documents and compliance modules to effectively complete the requirements electronically on day one. It has been an extremely effective tool.." 


Fred Gibney

Pro Sports Orthopedics

"With CyberHoot, Neoscope can support all its clients, (thousands of users) Cybersecurity educational and training needs in a single pane of glass... for Neoscope. It reduces the cost of supporting those clients due to fewer security incidents..

Our clients are more secure and productive when using CyberHoot!"

Tim Martin CEO

Neoscope IT

"CyberHoot has greatly improved IT operations for the City of Portsmouth by increasing employee security awareness. The quick training videos and compliance reporting are exactly what we need to keep things running safely and securely. If you are in the market for a training platform, I highly recommend you check out CyberHoot, I couldn’t be happier with our partnership."

Alan Brady IT Director

City of Portsmouth, NH

"As a business owner, I’m very concerned about Cybersecurity and how a security breach could take down my business! I read this week that the FBI issued a strong warning about the potential for cyber attacks with Ransomware. I know that we’re doing everything we can here at Infinite Imaging by leveraging CyberHoot training for all my employees. I also feel peace of mind knowing my Manager IT provider is doing likewise and training their staff with it as well. I cannot stress enough how comforting it is to see an employee forward me a phishing attack email noting he/she didn’t click but wanted me to know it was caught and destroyed."

Bill Hurley, Owner

Infinite Imaging

Have You Done Enough To Protect Your Business?

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  • Never worry about your weakest security link.  With CyberHoot, every employee is armed against cybersecurity threats;
  • Have more time to work on your business, rather than responding to security threats;
  • Never make that phone call home saying you will be late because of a security threat.

Become More Aware.  Become More Secure.