CyberHoot Features

CyberHoot provides all the tools needed to keep yourself, your business, and your customers secured.

Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

CyberHoot is an open platform that allows the creation of trainings using any video URL of your choice. Easily add custom quizzes to accompany your training videos to test user knowledge. Follow up emails are automated to  ensure trainings get completed. Schedule a training program in a matter of minutes using videos from our video library or your own.

Phish Testing

Phish Testing

Run simulated phishing campaigns using one of our high quality templates. Our templates mimic common real-world phishing emails and landing pages including typo-swatted domains. You can even auto-assign trainings to users who fall for our phishing simulations and view detailed reports on which users view, open, and even submit information in our phish tests.

Policy Compliance Tracking

Email policy documents to your users and track compliance via esignature acceptance. Use a policy template from our template library or upload your own.

Security Assessments


Whether you are conducting a basic survey or an in-depth risk assessment, our assessment tool puts the power in your hands. Easily create and email custom assessments to your users and view detailed reports on the results.

Darkweb Monitoring

Dark Web Monitoring

CyberHoot performs dark web scans and alerts you if any of your users are found in a breach. Receive automated report emails containing which accounts have been found in a breach and how to take action as a result.

... and that's not all!

No Login For Users

Tired of receiving support requests for users who forgot their password and cannot login? Not with CyberHoot! Users receive all of their assignments directly to their inboxes and do not need to login.

Open Platform

You are not limited to our libraries of trainings and policies. In addition to our libraries, CyberHoot enables you to use your own videos and policies.

Hands Off Approach

Set it and forget it! Launch a training program in a matter of minutes! After that follow up is fully automated.

Industry Leading Partner Program

Our partners receive free use of CyberHoot for their internal employees. There is also no additional cost for any of our great features.

Included Bonuses

Blog Syndication

Use our blog as your own on your website with CyberHoot's blog syndication. We publish high quality relevant Cybersecurity blog posts weekly.

Monthly Newsletters

Optionally subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on the latest Cybersecurity topics and CyberHoot announcements.

Partner Whitelabeling

Use your company's branding across the CyberHoot platform and emails with whitelabeling provided to our partners.

Free for Individuals

CyberHoot provides free training and dark web scans to individuals.

Azure Active Directory

Sync users with CyberHoot automatically using Azure Active Directory.

2-Factor Authentication

Enable 2-factor authentication to add another layer of security for administrators.

Find out how CyberHoot can secure your business.