From Negative to Positive: Our Patent-Pending Approach Redefines Phish Testing!

Meet HootPhish! Our latest tech that teaches users to spot sneaky phishing emails in a fun, game-like way, with assignments that get harder as users get better, and feedback to help them learn without stress.

*Only available to Partners / Managed Service Providers

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CyberHoot can help secure your employees and customers

Security Awareness Training

Short and engaging videos with quizzes are sent directly to your users' inboxes.

Phish Testing

Run unlimited phishing campaigns to identify users who need more training, securing any weak links.

Dark Web Monitoring

Weekly reports show when an employee's account has been exposed, allowing you to respond quickly and reduce risk.

Passwordless User Experience

No need to worry about managing user accounts and dealing with password resets. Only administrators login to CyberHoot; users receive their trainings directly to their inboxes.

Policy Compliance Tracking

Send out policies to your users inboxes and track compliance.

Detailed Reporting

Automated reporting sends status reports directly to your inbox.

Has your personal data been exposed?

CyberHoot's free Dark Web Report can help you find out.

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What's in it for you?

Flat Rate Pricing

CyberHoot Autopilot provides flat rate pricing so you can easily budget training costs into your offering.  No more per-user fees!

Fully Automated

Once you add customers and users, monthly security awareness training and quarterly phish testing are automated, year after year. A true "set it and let it run" solution.


Fully brand your training experience and email communications.  It's your offering, CyberHoot is just behind the scenes.

No Passwords to Forget

No need to worry about passwords of any kind. All trainings and functionality are provided directly to email inboxes.

No Administration

Add new customers and users in a matter of minutes. After that no administration is required. You can even setup Azure Active Directory Sync to automatically manage your customers' users.

Multi-Customer Tenancy

Support and manage an unlimited number of customers all from one spot. 

Check out what our customers are saying

Tim Martin

Tim Martin

CEO | Neoscope IT

With CyberHoot, Neoscope can support all its clients, (thousands of users) Cybersecurity educational and training needs in a single pane of glass...for Neoscope. It reduces the cost of supporting those clients due to fewer security incidents.  Our clients are more secure and productive when using CyberHoot!

Heather Ashton

Heather A. Ashton

Owner | Ashton CPA

As a small business we didn’t have the budget for our own Cyber Security advisor so when we found CyberHoot, we signed up immediately. With CyberHoot, we get regular training videos with questions to challenge what we learned. We learn something new every time. I would highly recommend CyberHoot to anyone looking for this type of training.

John Mumford

John Mumford

Chief Risk Officer | Fellsway Group

After 9 months of CyberHoot awareness training, a Financial Management firm with $4 Billion in assets was phish tested by the Fellsway Group. They had zero (0%) employees click on the phishing test. In contrast, the exact same phishing attack had a 30% click rate at another client that had not yet done CyberHoot training. The product really proves its worth!

CyberHoot Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a leader in Security Awareness Training on G2CyberHoot Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a leader in Security Awareness Training on G2CyberHoot Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a leader in Security Awareness Training on G2CyberHoot Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a leader in Security Awareness Training on G2
American Cyber Awards Start Up of the Year 2020
Cybersecurity Software
Trust Radius Top Rated 2023

Trust Radius Top Rated 2023

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