Meet HootPhish!

From Negative to Positive:  Our Patent-Pending Approach Redefines Phish Testing!

Revolutionizes Phishing Test Standards

  • 7 Phishing Indicators - users learn exactly what to look for 
  • No more complex allow lists or exceptions
  • Automated - set it and let it run
  • Monthly hosted-phishing tests that teach, not punish
  • Cost less than a cup of coffee per user

*Only available to Partners / Managed Service Providers

Three easy steps...


Add Customer


Add Users


Receive Email Updates

Cyber phishing has never been this easy!

Once a customer is added to the system with users, HootPhish will do the following:


An onboarding email will be sent to each user one day prior to training start date, announcing CyberHoot HootPhish Training.


Each user will receive their assignments via email. The first phish training is sent out on the training start date.


A Customer Cybersecurity Compliance Report will be sent to the Company Manager email on the first of each month, with a carbon copy to the Partner contact.

HootPhish Logo

HootPhish is CyberHoot's patent-pending technology that's all about teaching people how to spot tricky phishing emails, but in a fun and helpful way. Instead of making users feel bad by tricking them into clicking fake links like old-school tests, HootPhish gives you special assignments to learn about seven signs that show an email might be a phish. It's like a game where you get to practice finding these signs in fake emails. The best part? HootPhish changes the difficulty based on how good you're getting and always tells you what you did right or missed after each round. This way, learning about email safety is more about getting smarter and less about feeling stressed.

HootPhish's patent-pending technology is unlike any other on the market, allowing you to offer state of the art innovation to your customers.

Simple pricing with a monthly fixed-cost, based on blocks of users, with discounts for large user sets.  It's less than a cup of coffee per user each month.

HootPhish's minimal setup and automation allows you to focus on serving your clients, without needing to spend hours setting up allow lists and spam filters.

Need more power and control?

Check out our Power Platform, which gives you full control of all your cybersecurity training requirements, including policy management, video training, and traditional phish testing.