How To Be A Hero

With A Little Bit Of Work

Partner With The ONLY NO Password, NO Login, NO Administration Training Platform

Be the office hero with the perfect cybersecurity training platform.

A platform that doesn't put all the work on you.

Current Providers Offer Headaches:

  • Requires You To Learn A New Platform
  • Painful Administration of Customers, Employees, and Training
  • Provides Minimal MRR for the MSP

You have to do all the work and carry the cost for NO financial benefit.

You also have to learn a new platform, choose the trainings, and manage employee passwords.

CyberHoot Relieves The Pain:

  • Email Driven Changes To Your Platform
  • Upload Customers and Employees and We Handle the Rest
  • Receive Industry Leading MRR

CyberHoot Offers the ONLY Email Driven Cybersecurity Training Platform.

Add/Delete customers, employees, and trainings through email automation.

This is the easiest cybersecurity training platform that improves customers' security posture and puts the most money in your pocket.

Partner Benefits

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Establish additional monthly recurring revenue for next to no cost to you.

Quick Sign Up

Quickly sign up and begin offering cybersecurity training to your customers within hours.

NO Passwords

No passwords to forget freeing Partners from the most common headache...supporting password resets.

NO Administration

Reduced support cost as it only takes an email to communicate with our platform.

NO Logins

Trainings, reports, and notifications emailed directly to customers eliminating most tasks requiring admin logins.

Free Security Training

Three months of Free Partner Employee Training.  It remains free once a minimum seat count (~100) is met.

You also have the Power User Options...

Power User Option

You have the option of full platform access to have more control over your cybersecurity training platform.

Customize Everything

Customize trainings, messaging, branding, and reporting within the most powerful training platform available.

You get all the Customer Benefits too...

Your Customer Benefits

NO Passwords

No passwords to forget, saving you the hassle and the headache of supporting password resets.

NO Administration

Reduced support cost as it only takes an email to communicate with our platform.

NO Individual Logins

No one needs to log in to the platform.  Training links are emailed directly to employee inboxes.

My CyberHoot Training Page

Review assignments and compliance 24/7 without having to remember any passwords.  Check it out!

Short, Data Packed Training Videos

Customers are trained quickly and effectively, improving their security posture, reducing customer support cost.

Phish Testing

Quarterly phish testing identifies employees who need more training, securing any weak links.

Cybersecurity Maturity Survey

Quickly assess customer security posture as they compare to your standard requirements.

Detailed Compliance Reports

Compliance reports sent right to your inbox.  Don't want to wait for an email?  My CyberHoot is available 24/7.

Dark Web Monitoring

Weekly reports show when an employee's account has been exposed, allowing customers to respond quickly and reduce risk.

Optional Newsletter

Stay Informed!  Monthly newsletters keep you up to date with cybersecurity developments you should know about.

What our partners are saying:

Tim Martin

...Our clients are more secure and productive when using CyberHoot!

With CyberHoot, Neoscope can support all its clients, (thousands of users) Cybersecurity educational and training needs in a single pane of glass...for Neoscope. It reduces the cost of supporting those clients due to fewer security incidents.  Our clients are more secure and productive when using CyberHoot!

Tim Martin  //  CEO  |  Neoscope IT  -  Case Study

Marisa Zelfond

I would highly recommend CyberHoot to anyone...

Craig and the CyberHoot team are great business partners! They are always open to enhancing their product, and ready to help my team with any deployment questions they may have. I am also an end user of the CyberHoot security tool which I find to be extremely intuitive, quick, and helpful.

Marisa Zelfond  //  Director of Sales & Account Management  |  TekDoc

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Minimal Overhead
  • Limitless Usage
  • Free Cybersecurity Webinar
  • Free Blog Syndication

$1.75 Per Seat

 Per Month

  • 30 Day FREE Trial 
  • No Sign Up Fees
  • MSP Referral Bonuses
  • No Contract Required
  • $100 Minimum Monthly Fee After Trial

Provide a best in class cybersecurity training program to your customers for the cost of a cup of coffee, per seat, each month.

John Mumford

...The product really proves its worth!

After 9 months of CyberHoot awareness training, a Financial Management firm with $4 Billion in assets was phish tested by the Fellsway Group. They had zero (0%) employees click on the phishing test. In contrast, the exact same phishing attack had a 30% click rate at another client that had not yet done CyberHoot training. The product really proves its worth!

John Mumford  //  Chief Risk Officer  |  Fellsway Group

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$1.75 Per Seat A Month
30 Day Free Trial
NO Sign Up Fees
$100 Minimum Monthly Fee After Trial
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