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Press Release: CyberHoot Launches HootPhish – A Revolutionary Approach to Phishing Simulations

CyberHoot has been shown to improve customer retention for MSPs. It lowers the cost of supporting clients through fewer security incidents, better product training, and educational phish testing. We know it works because MSPs tell us emails to support asking “Is this a Phish?” or “Is this an Attack?” go away. Start a 30 day free trial and month-to-month forever afterwards.

AI in Cybersecurity - benefits and limitations

AI in Cybersecurity: Enhancing Threat Detection and Response

In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a game-changer, especially for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). This blog delves into how AI is reshaping threat detection and response, offering a new edge to cybersecurity strategies.

2024 Cybersecurity Predictions

Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies in 2024

2024 is off to a great start, however, Small to Medium sized Businesses need to proactively address their cybersecurity program development as soon as possible. 2023 was a banner year for hacker attacks and this has only encouraged more and more hackers to enter the fray. The time is ripe for everyone to batten down the hatches and training and test their employees to build their cyber literacy skills.

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CyberHoot Newsletter – December 2023

Navigating the Cybersecurity Risks of AI Assistants in Video Conferencing Silent Eavesdroppers: As AI Digital Assistants seamlessly integrate into popular video conferencing platforms, a concerning trade-off emerges between convenience and …

AI Digital Assistant Collecting Everything

Navigating AI Assistant Cybersecurity Risks

AI Digital Assistants in platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom raise data privacy concerns, risking exposure of regulated, intellectual, or personal information. Despite claims of de-identifying sensitive data, significant risks like exposing proprietary information remain underappreciated.

Passkeys are a Bright Idea

Passkeys: The Path to a Passwordless Future

Passkeys provide better authentication for end users than traditional passwords which they seek to replace. They are based upon public and private cryptography, are resilient to phishing and hacker password database theft (since the private keys aren’t stored on the server or website), and represent an easier mechanism to identify users into online systems.

DNA Double-Helix Heist

DNA Double-Helix Hacker Heist: A Wake-Up Call for Cybersecurity Vigilance

A recent breach at 23andme resulted in the theft of immutable and irreplaceable data – our DNA! Companies with such critical data must take every precaution to limit the data they have become caretakers of, from theft my malicious actors. In this case, 23andme has lost our DNA! This needs to be a serious criminal offence that is punished with significant consequences.

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CyberHoot Newsletter – November 2023

Understanding and Protecting Against Telegram App Scams Unraveling the Dark Side of Telegram: While the messaging app offers a seamless communication experience, users face many dangers. Dive into this article …

Understanding and Protecting Against the Telegram Scams

The Telegram App provides great ways for users to communicate with one another, however it also enables scammers to attack us in novel ways. This article outlines three common ways hackers use telegram to exploit unsuspecting users for their money.

Ransomware Gang turns Whistleblower to the SEC

Hackers Turn SEC Snitches: The Evolution of Ransomware Tactics

Hackers have evolved into snitches leveraging recent SEC legislation which requires companies to disclose within 4 days that they have been hacked and hit with ransomware. When Meridian did not disclose to the SEC they had been hacked, the Hacker group “BlackCat” filed a complaint with the SEC informing them they had evidence that Meridian had been hacked.

Stakeholders ratifying a Written Information Security Policy (WISP).

The Nuts and Bolts of a WISP

A Written Information Security Plan is not meant to a bureaucratic policy collecting dust on the book shelf, but rather a living breathing document to guide companies on the safe collection, storage, manipulation, and destruction of non-public personal information on their employees, clients, or business services.

Cisco Critical Advisory Alert and Patch Now Notification

CISCO Critical Advisory Alert – Patch Now

CISCO has announced and released patches for a critical bug in their product that could allow Internet hackers to create accounts remotely on CISCO devices via the HTTP management application. Patches have been released and workarounds documented for unpatched systems no longer supported. Take action to patch now.

CyberHoot's Ghoulish Offering pairing Halloween with Cybersecurity Month to take the Fright out of Cybersecurity and build Cyber Literacy.

Top Cybersecurity Questions of the Year: What Everyone Wants to Know

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is upon us. In our efforts to address all of the questions a business owner reviewing our blog might have, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions and have tried to answer them with the most effective mitigating control available for a particular risk. There are undoubtedly many more mitigating controls one can put in place, but this is a great starting point.

CyberHoot's Ghoulish Offering pairing Halloween with Cybersecurity Month to take the Fright out of Cybersecurity and build Cyber Literacy.

Ghosts in the Machine: Spook-tacular Cybersecurity Basics for October

In the spooky season of October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds us of the real threats lurking in the digital realm. CyberHoot sheds light on three cybersecurity fundamentals: Password Protection, Phishing Awareness, and Safe Browsing Practices. Fortify your digital domain with strong password practices, stay vigilant to phishing schemes, and navigate the web safely. Embrace the cybersecurity training and phishing testing offered by CyberHoot to morph into a digital wizard against the sinister specter of cyber threats. Venture to cyberhoot.com and make cybersecurity awareness a fun-filled endeavor!

Oracle Owl answers your most important questions on Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Awareness: Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Action

October marks the observance of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, a pivotal time for businesses and individuals to bolster their understanding and actions towards cybersecurity. This means it is time for you to put action to words and get your staff trained up on the cyber threats they face. Cyber Literacy is a critical skill for the 21st century. Are you doing your part to educate your employees on the threats they face and how to avoid them?

CyberHoot's Ghoulish Offering pairing Halloween with Cybersecurity Month to take the Fright out of Cybersecurity and build Cyber Literacy.

Save Your Staff with Cyber Literacy Skills. Use CyberHoot for Free During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

CyberHoot is offering any MSP free enrollment of any and all clients into CyberHoot for free until the end of October (31st), 2023. Enroll your prospects or existing customers in our platform and launch expedited Cybersecurity awareness training in the Month of Oct. using our fully automated system. We will credit you any users or clients enrolled for the entire month of Oct. Must be a new client to CyberHoot. If after the month ends you want to remove them, you absolutely may without penalty.

CyberHoot's Owl sharing five ways It adds value to MSPs

The Fabulous Five: How CyberHoot Makes Managed Service Providers Shine Brighter

CyberHoot has been shown to improve customer retention for MSPs. It lowers the cost of supporting clients through fewer security incidents, better product training, and educational phish testing. We know it works because MSPs tell us emails to support asking “Is this a Phish?” or “Is this an Attack?” go away. Start a 30 day free trial and month-to-month forever afterwards.

Owl Imparting Knowledge

Top 5 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats Businesses Must Be Aware Of

Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and expand in both sophistication and impact. Businesses must choose how to address these top 5 emerging threats proactively, when they control the playing field and have high ground instead of reactively, after an incident when they have been knocked down and are struggling to get up.

Risk Assessment Results

Risk Assessment: A Game Changer for Your Business

For most businesses, balancing time and money is a constant struggle. A risk assessment is designed to simplify your conversations by identifying both the most critical risks and rank ordering them, enabling you to determine what to work on first and then work your way down the list of critical threats to your business.

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CyberHoot Newsletter – May/June 2023

Protecting Your Business and Family from DeepFake Attacks: A Comprehensive Guide Unmasking the Dark Reality: FBI Discovers Surge in Deep Fake Attacks, Threatening Individuals and Businesses with Extortion and Humiliation. …

Business Ninja's Interview

Business Ninja Interview of CyberHoot Co-Founder

Business Ninja’s interviewed CyberHoot’s co-Founder Craig Taylor. This interview outlines CyberHoot’s unique and positive outcome approach to cybersecurity program development at your company. Our Co-Founder details what’s working and what’s broken in the emergency Cybersecurity industry. Business owners need to watch to learn what they should be doing to protect their businesses from compromise. Doing so provides much needed peace of mind.

10 Ways to Grow my MSP

10 Ways to Help Grow your MSP

Growing your MSP is not as hard as you might think. It require a laser focus on differentiation, adding cybersecurity services, and fanatical attention to customer service to name a few of the top 10 items lists in this article.

Passkey Authentication to replace Passwords

Passkeys are the first steps on the Long Road to a Passwordless Future

The FIDO alliance is a high-powered tech alliance seeking to eliminate passwords from our online lives by replacing them with a much more secure public and private key authentication solution. Backed by Google, Microsoft, and Apple, it is a strong foray into the elimination of passwords from our everyday lives.

Cybersecurity SaaS Platform Failures

10 Ways Your Security Awareness Training is Failing You

Cybersecurity platforms are designed to build robust, layered defenses for your organization. However, too often they fall short of their lofty and critical goals. This articles delves into 10 common failure points and provides unique perspectives on how to avoid them.

Voice cloning is becoming a threat to families from fake ransom attacks.

Voice Cloning is Becoming a Ransom Threat

Voice impersonation, also known as voice cloning, are becoming an increasingly prevalent threat in the digital landscape. Sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can now imitate voices with remarkable accuracy, leading to threats against our privacy and security.

Attack-Based Phish Testing is Fundamentally Flawed

3 Ways Attack-Based Phish Testing is Failing Us

Attack-based phish testing creates fear, anxiety, and doubt in end users.  It does not create awareness, harms IT, and misinforms management. Despite representing a billion dollar industry, traditional attack-based phish testing is fundamentally flawed. It causes untold problems for IT departments, individual users, and Managed Service Providers. Studies have shown it can even lead to more clicks by end users! This article outlines the fundamental flaws in attack-based phishing. It goes on to outline improvements from educational, positive outcome phish testing assignments that teach users how to finally spot every phishing attack and delete or avoid it.

ChatGPT - help me hack.

Five Ways ChatGPT Helps You Hack

There is a dark side to ChatGPT. Hacking tutorials abound on YouTube showing unskilled hackers how to hack with ChatGPT. ChatGPT can create convincing phishing attacks in a language of your choice, writing software code for them, which through trial and error can transform into novel and effective malware.