Anti-Censorship are methods to combat censorship – for example, preventing search results from being blocked or interfered with.  The growth of online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) raises important questions around how modern technology and communication is consumed. Today, the majority of people follow the news, stay in touch with friends and family, and share views on current events through social media and similar online platforms.  How those platforms filter and manipulate what is viewed by different people may be construed as censorship.

Other posts on Twitter and Facebook are now being flagged as “questionable” or “misleading” which is a form of censorship as well.

Without wading into the hotly contested debates over the moral ethics of censorship and anti-censorship, CyberHoot believes you should know that algorithms and technology are being developed to filter and censor free speech online today.  From DeepFakes to disinformation campaigns, the Internet is overflowing with opinions and counter-opinions.  Become more aware of the subtle influences on our consumption of media to know what influences may be happening.

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What does this mean for an SMB?

In terms of business, not much can be done on the side of the company in regards to Anti-Censorship. However, employees should be aware of the power that social media companies hold in regards to censoring online posts. Companies and the government alike are actively debating what the “right thing to do is”.  Become aware of these debates and get involved to share your opinions, however they fall, on the sides of this hotly debated issue.

To learn more about Section 230 and Social Media Censorship in this short video:

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