Network Behavior Analysis (NBA)

Network Behavior Analysis (NBA), also known as “Behavior Monitoring” is the collection and analysis of internal network data to identify malicious or unusual activity. Behavioral monitoring tools analyze information from a wide range of sources and use machine learning to identify patterns that could suggest an attack is taking place. When NBAs are conducted over an extended period of time, behavior monitoring allows organizations to benchmark typical network behavior, helping identify deviations; anomalies identified can be escalated for further analysis. Network analysis tools provide valuable insight to help businesses defend against the latest cyber threats. NBA is especially good at spotting new malware and zero day vulnerabilities.


Source: RedScan, TechTarget

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What does this mean for an SMB?

Strong Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) programs can help Network Administrators minimize the time and labor involved in locating and resolving critical issues. NBA programs shouldn’t be the sole security measure in your organization; it should be used as an enhancement to the protection provided by other security tools such as firewalls, intrusion detection systemsantivirus software and spyware detection programs. 

Most SMB Owners will not end up deploying this technology. It’s too expensive, requires too much care and feeding, and is not typically appropriate in the SMB market. However, in rare cases, an SMB Owner might consider deploying NBA’s if you have highly critical data to protect, you know you’re being targeted by an Advanced Persistent Threat (possibly a Nation State), and your cybersecurity maturity is high in all other areas of your cybersecurity program (Training, Governance, Asset Management etc.). Contact your business’s IT professionals or third-party company who deals with your IT systems and network to get set up with NBA programs to further secure your business. 
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