How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks

You’re either here because you’re interested in training, or you failed your Phishing Test.

This video will help you understand what phishing emails look like and some skills you can use to avoid the attacks. Various statistics are provided detailing how many phishing attacks are sent each day. Tips are given on how to identify a phishing attack by examining various features of the email including who the sender is, how to inspect the links, how to watch out for look-alike letters in domain names to convince people to trust the email. Inspect the underlying links, generic greetings, poor spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Watch out for phishing emails with a sense of urgency or a threat. Finally, this video also outlines how criminals spear-phish specific individuals by using your name and something learned about you from your public social media profile. Look for the signs of phishing emails and think before clicking links or opening attachments.

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