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Smishing, The New Phishing

Many people know about Phishing, a form of social engineering to deceive individuals into doing a hacker’s bidding. Hackers convince users to click on malicious links in an email resulting …

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Phish Testing Employees

Phishing attacks represent 90% of successful breaches at Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs). Learn what they are and how to protect yourself from them at

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Email Impersonation

Impersonation email phishing attacks are rampant online. Do not trust an External email from your CEO or CFO if it seems unexpected, urgently needs your attention, and seems off in some unexplainable way. Pick up the phone and call that person or send them a separate text message (not email) to confirm their request.

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Shark Tank Host Phished For Nearly $400K

Barbara Corcoran, a world famous Shark Tank host, was scammed out of nearly $400,000 in late February. Barbara Corcoran, a renowned real-estate broker and business expert, admitted last month that …


Smishing is another form of phishing, where a hacker sends a malicious text or SMS message trying to trick someone into giving them sensitive information. Smishing can be more dangerous …


Whaling refers to malicious hacking that targets high-ranking executives. Similar to phishing, whaling is where the hacker hunts for data that they can use, but they focus on high-ranking bankers, …

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Social Engineering

Social Engineering in the context of cyber security, is when one uses psychological manipulation to have people perform specific actions or to give out confidential information. This differs from the …

Phish Testing

CyberHoot: Phishing Attacks

Spotting and Avoiding Phishing Attacks This CyberHoot core curriculum and BootCamp video outlines the common attack patterns found in phishing attacks and provides the viewer with a clear set of …