Smishing is another form of phishing, where a hacker sends a malicious text or SMS message trying to trick someone into giving them sensitive information. Smishing can be more dangerous than phishing because people are generally more trusting of text messages than email. Most people are concerned and aware of the dangers of links in emails, but may not be as aware of the dangers involved with links in text messages.

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Source: Symantec

What should SMB’s do to protect against Smishing?

Educate your employees that smartphones can be the target of smishing attacks.  There are exploits available to hackers today that can compromise a smartphone with malware just like visiting a malicious website can compromise a computer.  Education is the key here.

If you did not expect a particular SMS Text or you do not know the sender, delete the text and move on with your day.

To learn more about Smishing, watch this short video:

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