Adding a Manager to an Employee in Azure AD

HowTo: Add Managers to Employees in Microsoft Azure / Entra AD

Microsoft Azure / Entra allows you to define Managers for each employee entry in Azure AD. This helps CyberHoot and Clients maintain high compliance as CyberHoot will automatically notify Managers when employees are non-compliant both through weekly reports and by CC’ing Managers on a Due Date email sent to employees who have not completed their assignments.

Manager Escalations

HowTo: Dark Web Workflow

CyberHoot supports 3 forms of multi-factor authentication: Email, SMS, and Authenticator applications. This article explains how to set each up and provides a video overview of how to setup an authenticator application.

CyberHoot API Documentation

CyberHoot’s API Documentation

Overview CyberHoot’s API allows for the following information to be pulled from the platform: Customers Managers Users Administrators Compliance Metrics Training Schedules Partner Settings Subscription Information More Information The CyberHoot …

Powershell Scripting

Powershell script for avoiding SPAM, Clutter, Junk in 365

CyberHoot provides phish testing of end users to ensure they learn to pay attention to their email and the risks is presents. This article provides a Powershell script to automate the setup work required to ensure delivery of phishing test emails to end users inboxes.

optional training icon

HowTo: Optional Training Assignments

Overview CyberHoot provides the ability to optionally assign policies, videos, and programs to your users.  Optional assignments provide the convenience of providing training to your users without the repeated reminders …

HowTo: Find BitLocker Recovery Key

This video outlines step by step how to find your BitLocker Recovery Key on your computer. Visit for all of our HowTo instructional videos.  Watch this video on YouTube …

HowTo: Allow-List in Barracuda

If you’re utilizing Barracuda’s Email Security Gateway, you can white-list CyberHoot IP Addresses and Domain Name to allow our simulated phishing test emails and training notifications to get through to …

HowTo: Access My Assignments

This video walks you through how to access ‘My Assignments‘.  When you visit your assignments here you can view outstanding assignments and complete them, you can re-watch previous training videos …