HowTo: Add Automatic Clients in CyberHoot (or Convert Power Clients)

CyberHoot Power Platform: Automatic Type Customers

The video below provides an overview of how to Add an Automatic Customer type to the CyberHoot platform.  Automatic Type Customers enjoy an advanced degree of automation as outlined below:

  1. An onboarding email, customized by end user name and branded for the MSP if branding has been set up, is sent to each user enrolled in a customer under Automatic Mode but not until the day before the first training video assignment.
  2. An option to send an Orientation Group of Six CyberHoot produced videos all at once, or once a day/week/month for every new employee enrolled after the launch date of the automatic mode selected during onboarding.  This acts as an orientation for future employees who may also receive additional “Active” videos beyond these first six videos.  Make sure not to assign videos for an extended “Active” duration. CyberHoot recommends no more than 6 months, but often 3 months is sufficent.
  3. A monthly cybersecurity awareness video each month forever, or until you cancel enrollment.  You no longer have to assign cybersecurity awareness training to customers enrolled in Automatic Type in CyberHoot’s power platform.
  4. A quarterly phish test by Assignment: automatic customers will also receive a randomly assigned phishing test 7 days after the launch of their training and then 3 months after that until you unenroll them.

Video overview on setting up a 'Automatic' Type client.

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