HowTo: Determine Roles in CyberHoot

Unique Roles (5) within the CyberHoot Tool:

These five (5) roles are all mutually exclusive. Because you are a Manager, does not mean you are a user. Same for Administrators and Group Managers. You must create each independent of one another and delete them independent of one another.

Users: these accounts receive training


Managers: these accounts receive compliance reports for all users recursively below them (managers of managers are reported upon)


Group Leaders/HR Contact: these accounts receive optional HR escalation (email #4 for non-compliant users)


Client Administrator: these accounts can manipulate anything in a single client account


MSP Super Administrator: these accounts can change between all client accounts, can edit MSP Settings, and can do everything a client administrator can do.

For more instructional ‘HowTo’ videos, head over to our HowTo Library for more guidance. If you’re unsure where to start, review the following recommended videos and articles around common Administrator (or SuperAdministrator) pain points: 

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