Powershell script for avoiding SPAM, Clutter, Junk in 365

Microsoft O365 Powershell Scripts: 

  • Bypass SPAM, Clutter and Junk in M365 and O365

Microsoft Powershell scripts automate a more realistic and successful phish testing environment when set up correctly.  This is one of two scripts that help deliver phishing tests into end-users inboxes and automates downloading images without warning or end-user interaction by adding CyberHoot sending domains to each user’s safe senders list.

You can find more information on how to implement PowerShell scripts through Exchange here and through Azure Active directory here

How to By-Pass Junk, Spam, and Clutter:

Implement these four mail flow rules to bypass Junk, Spam and Clutter by IP and email Header. This script also sets up the X-Header for mail filters in series.

PowerShell Script to Bypass Clutter Spam and Junk Folders in 0365

Save this text file as a .ps1 file and then run as a PowerShell script with appropriate permissions.

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