CyberHoot’s Email-Relay IP Addresses, Domains, and White-list Articles:

This article is simply a reference for the IP Addresses and Domain names of CyberHoot.  If you’re seeking how to Whitelist by IP address or Domain name please see the related HowTo articles.

CyberHoot Training Assignments Relay:

CyberHoot assignments are delivered through a single mail relay.  This is all you need to allow in O365 (white-list) if you are only sending training assignments, policies, or surveys to targeted email accounts.

Phishing Test Mail Relays

If you are planning on sending Phishing Tests to your clients and prospects, you will need to have them white-list all four of the Email Relays shown below either by Domain Name OR IP Address (don’t do both).

DNS Name: 


TIP: Copy and paste the above domains as they have many look-alike letter combinations such as an ‘i’ for an ‘L’ and an ‘r+n’ for an ‘m’.

IP Address: 


While List the Entire Network for CyberHoot:

Optionally, you can white-list the entire network in one fell swoop using this network address:

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