CyberHoot Newsletter – July 2022

Restaurant Cloud-based POS Systems Hacked

Multiple POS systems used by restaurants all over the world (MenuDrive, HarborTouch, and InTouchPOS) have been hacked enabling hackers to collect credit card details on thousands of end users. Using malicious java-script and other tools, hackers skimmed off card data during the checkout process.  Learn what Cloud-based POS company’s should be doing to secure themselves.

Security Advisory: Critical Patches in Adobe and Microsoft Products

CyberHoot has learned of multiple Microsoft and Adobe vulnerabilities that can allow for Remote Code Execution (RCE) on your devices that use their products. Continue reading to learn what the specific details are for Microsoft and Adobe products.  Learn about the importance of robust patch management processes.

1 Billion Records Exposed in Chinese Data Leak

China has experienced one of the largest data breaches of all time after a government developer wrote a blog post that included Shanghai police database credentials. Threat actors were able to download 23 terabytes of data and list it for sale on the Dark Web. The data contains personal information on over one billion Chinese citizens!  Read this to learn why application security is so important.

Biometric Authentication Ring Gaining Traction

Token Ring the new company (not the old networking token ring technology), just received Series C investment that will accelerate growth and demand for its new biometric authentication tool – a literal ring you wear. The Token Ring features FIDO2 support and can be paired with a user’s phone using the Token Ring App. The tool is gaining traction in cybersecurity as a next-generation passwordless authentication tool supported by major industry players Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Learn more about a passwordless authentication future that may or may not come to be.

Refund Vishing Scams

We’re constantly receiving emails, texts, and calls from scammers. These attacks are so lucrative that hackers have call centers whose sole purpose is to socially engineer you out of your money using Vishing, Smishing, and Phishing attacks. In a bit of good news, Interpol has identified and taken down one hacking group’s command and control computing infrastructure, and made 2000+ arrests. Learn more about this international bust in this article.

Customer Spotlight

"Cyberhoot has increased my awareness in regard to the latest and emerging cyber threats that are constantly ongoing. The increased awareness has boosted my confidence to better confront cyber risks on a daily basis. The training videos, tutorials, and quizzes are filled with nuggets of very informative and helpful cyber knowledge."
Gabriel Underwood, CISSP
Professional Services Engineer | BeyondTrust

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Cybrary Term of the Month

Voice Firewall logs, monitors, and controls all inbound and outbound voice network activity on a per-call basis through user-defined Call Access Control (CAC) policies. These detailed security and usage policies alert or prevent malicious use of your company voice resources by internal or external callers.

Voice Firewalls help prevent data network exploits over modems, attacks on voice systems and other key infrastructure, unauthorized Internet sessions on phone lines, data leakage, harassing/threatening calls, long-distance abuse, calls to/from restricted parties, and other forms of phone line disruption, misuse, and abuse. 

In short, Voice Firewalls can block some inbound calls to your organization that are malicious, like robocalls, spam, and vishing attacks

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