GCC Azure Only: Integration Step 2 – Add Azure Permissions

Please note: Only Azure AD Government Community Cloud (GCC) environments need to follow these instructions.

If you wish to watch our walkthrough video instead of reading through each step, click play below.

HINT: If you can't find something in Azure, you can always use the search bar at the top of your screen to find what you're looking for.

2) Click "App registrations"

3) Click "CyberHoot" under "Owned applications"

4) Click "API Permissions"

5) Click "+Add a permission"

6) Click "Microsoft Graph"

7) Click "Application Permissions"

8) Expand the "User" Permissions

9) Select "User.Read.All"

10) Select "User.Export.All"

11) Expand "Group" Permissions

12) Select "Group.Read.All"

13) Expand "GroupMember" Permissions

14) Select "GroupMember.Read.All"

15) Click "Add permissions"

16) Click "Expose an API"

17) Click "+ Add a scope"

18) Type "CyberHoot.Read" as the "Scope name"

19) Click the "Admin consent display name" field

20) Type "CyberHoot" as the "Admin consent display name"

21) Click the "Admin consent description" field.

22) Type "Allow CyberHoot Read access" in the "Admin consent description"

23) Click "Add scope" at the bottom of the window

24) Click "Overview"

25) Click this icon to copy the "Client ID" to your clipboard.

26) Click "Expose an API" and then click "+ Add a client application"

27) Enter the "Client ID" of the registered application and select the scope you just created to authorize. It should be saved in your clipboard.

28) Click "Add application" at the bottom of the window

29) Click "API permissions"

30) Click "Grant admin consent for..." your domain.

31) Click "Yes" to grant access.

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