HowTo: Sales Module


CyberHoot provides a free trial module for MSPs to pursue new cybersecurity business. This new CyberHoot Sales module enables MSPs to perform a quick (4 Steps) security assessment of a potential client’s cybersecurity readiness and produces a PDF scorecard that includes these reports:

  1. Dark Web Domain Search (i.e.
  2. Dark Web Email Search (i.e.
  3. DNS Check for SPF, DMARC, and DKIM (email health and security)
  4. Phish Testing of up to 1000 Emails (the key to winning new cybersecurity business!)

Once the assessment is complete, MSPs can download or email the PDF scorecard to whomever they choose. There is NO COST to the MSP for running these tests. Only after promotion to the full site will CyberHoot charge you for each user.

Easy Automatic Conversion from Trial to Full CyberHoot Use: If your prospect wants CyberHoot services, you can convert them to a full customer in one click. However, if the potential customer is not ready to sign up for services, simply mark them “Not Interested” and move on to the next prospect. Use our Sales module for existing MSP clients as well as Net new and feel the power Cybersecurity has to win new business!

Step 1: Prospects

1.  Click the Sales link in the white navigation bar:

2.  Click the Add Prospect button:

3.  Fill out all the relevant information and click the Create button:  Download a sample of the CSV File of Users.

Step 1.1: Send Test Phishing Email

1.  Click the Send Test Phishing Email button:

2.  Review the required settings in the popup and confirm the potential customer is all set.  Note that you can send instructions to a techie by clicking the Send Instructions button.

When ready, click the Send button:

For an updated list of mail relays, check out this article:

CyberHoot Email-Relay IP Addresses, Domains, and Allow-Listing Articles

3.  Confirm the potential customer received the email and there are no issues with email delivery for the phish test.

Step 2: Assessing

1. Once back to the Prospects Sales page, click the Start Assessing Prospect (cogs) icon:

2. Optionally select a Phish Test to run and click the Start button:

For an updated list of mail relays, check out this article:

CyberHoot Email-Relay IP Addresses, Domains, and Allow-Listing Articles

Step 2.1: Monitor Progress

The assessment part of the Sales module can take some time as backend processes kick off to perform each test.  You also want to give the phishing some time to see how many employees respond.

1.  View the progress of the assessment by clicking the View Prospect (magnifying glass) icon:

2.  Scroll down the page to the Assessment Results section to view the status of the tests:

3.  Scroll further down the page and expand the different cards for each test by clicking on the card name:

Step 2.2: Stop the Assessment

1.  Review the Assessment Results to ensure all tests have run and been completed.

*Note that the phishing test is designed to run for 7 days.  You can choose to let it run or stop it when you’re satisfied with the results.  An email will be sent to all Super Users with an attached report once completed.

2.  Once you’re comfortable that the assessment is over, go to the Assessing tab and click the Stop Assessing the Prospect (x) icon:

3.  This presents a popup where you can set the prospect to Presenting or back to Prospect status.

Presenting will allow you to download or email the final report.

Back to Prospect will stop the current assessment and send the prospect back to the first step.

Step 3: Presenting

Once in the Presenting status, you can download or email the final PDF report.

1.  In the Presenting tab, click the View Prospect (magnifying glass) icon to view the propect:

2.  In the View Sales Prospect page, you will have an option to Download Report or Send Report (Email).

Downloading the report will allow you to save the PDF to your local computer.

Sending the report will present the following popup where you can enter a comma-delimited list of email addresses, edit the default message, and click the Send button to email the report:

Note:  You can set this default language by clicking the Default Message button on the Sales landing page:

Edit the Message in the Set Default Report Message popup and click Save:

Step 3.1: New Customer or Not Interested

Once you’ve spoken with the customer, it’s time to turn that prospect into a customer or determine they are not interested.

  1.  Click the Outcome (gavel) icon to open the Prospect Outcome popup:

2.  Select to Create New Customer or Set to Not Interested.

Creating a new customer will automatically add the new customer to the system and take you to their environment where you can configure the customer environment.

Setting to not interested simply marks them as Not Interested and leaves them as viewable in the Outcome tab.

Step 4: Outcome

  1.  You can view the outcome of any prospect by clicking on the Outcome tab:

Other Notes

1.  You can delete a customer from any phase of the sales process by clicking the Delete Prospect (x) icon:

2.  You can change the status of any prospect at anytime by clicking the icons on each tab.

3.  You are not required to upload a list of users or enable a phish test, though this is highly recommended in order to present the best cybersecurity picture to your prospect.

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