Cybersecurity Ecosystem

A Cybersecurity Ecosystem is just like natural ecosystems. It is made up of a variety of participants.

On the positive (bright side) are private firms and government entities employing individual white-hat hackers who develop tools, processes, cybersecurity solutions to protect our computers, software, and networks.

On the dark side are the predators – the hackers including Hacktivists, nation states, script kiddies, and even organized crime. All of these work for and against each other creating our cybersecurity ecosystem. Whether the ecosystem is working depends upon your perspective and the escalating wars between defenders and attackers.

There are businesses and individuals who help shape the ecosystem with their products, processes, and services helping to create stronger and more secure businesses and participants in the ecosystem. When hackers or attackers turn the tides and begin winning more often than good guys, the ecosystem tilts out of balance.  CyberHoot views recent escalations in Ransomware attacks of the MAZE strain represent an unbalancing of our cybersecurity ecosystem. Putting confidentiality at risk means traditional protections are no longer enough (backups). Our collective response requires investment in prevention and awareness training to re-balance our cybersecurity ecosystem.

Source: DHS, NormShield

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The New Cybersecurity Ecosystem

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What does this mean for an SMB Owner?

Business owners with an online presence need to understand they are playing a part in the online cybersecurity ecosystem. You no longer protect your data and services within the four walls of your business. You have partners, resellers, distributors, 3rd parties all with varying access to your business and its data. They all need to be part of protecting your business.
You can sit passively by, hoping you’re ignored and won’t get attacked by the predators out there (hackers) or you can prepare and train yourself and your company with awareness training and the tools to alert and prevent attacks.  As the old saying goes, you don’t have to outrun a bear in the woods, you just need to be faster than the guy (business) next to you.  Doing nothing is no longer an option. Become more aware with CyberHoot to Become more Secure.
To be really proactive, ask CyberHoot to provide you a Cybersecurity maturity questionnaire so you can see first-hand how fast your business can outrun your neighbors from the bad guys!

To learn more about the extended Cybersecurity Ecosystems, watch this 8 minute video:

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