Script Kiddie

A Script Kiddie, also known as a skiddie, or skid; is an unskilled individual who uses scripts or programs developed by other individuals to attack computer systems and networks as well as deface websites. These users generally are juveniles who lack the skills to write their own programs or exploits and use these scripts to impress people or to gain credit in the cyber security communities.

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Additional ReadingThe origin of Script Kiddies.

Source: “Script Kiddies: The Net’s Cybergangs”

What does this mean for an SMB?

SMB owners should worry about script kiddies but not nearly as much as Organized Crime.  Script Kiddies are out to hack for street credit and notoriety and commonly attempt website defacements, denial of service attacks, or other less harmful attacks than organized crime or nation states.  That is not to suggest you let your guard down.  All the critical protections you need to implement to protect against other hacker groups will help protect you from the average script kiddie.  This information is helpful when seeking to identify attribution for incidents in your business.

To protect yourself from Script Kiddies, but also Organized Crime, Nation States, and Hacktivists, please read and follow the suggestions in CyberHoot’s Top 10 SMB Protections blog article.

For more info, watch (actually listen) this 2 min. video on Script Kiddies.

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