Top Cybersecurity Questions of the Year: What Everyone Wants to Know

CyberHoot's Ghoulish Offering pairing Halloween with Cybersecurity Month to take the Fright out of Cybersecurity and build Cyber Literacy.

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity remains a hot topic. Over the last year, we’ve witnessed a surge in cyber threats, multiple high profile cyber attacks (MGM, Clorox, Caesar’s Palace) and an increased recognition on the importance of cyber literacy. Cyber Al, decked out in his spookiest Halloween outfit above, has been collecting a years worth of the most common questions he get’s asked.  Let’s explore his top 10 most frequently asked cybersecurity questions and their top mitigations below.

  1. What is Ransomware, and How Can I Protect My Business? Ransomware attacks have been making headlines consistently. People ask Cyber Al how these attacks work and what steps to take to safeguard businesses and data.

    • Mitigating Control: Since most ransomware arrives via phishing attacks, you must train and test your employees on spotting and avoiding phishing attacks to improve your ransomware prevention.  This Blog article provides an overview of one ransomware vector called MAZE ransomware with suggestions for protection.

  2. Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Really Necessary? MFA has become a crucial defense against unauthorized access. Many ask if it’s worth implementing and how it adds an extra layer of security.

    • Answer: MFA is the best mitigating control to weak password hygiene in your people.  If your company has not enabled MFA on Email and all other critical accounts, you should stop whatever you are doing and enable it, right now. Yes, I mean n-o-w! However, know that not all MFA methods are equally robust. Read this Blog to learn more which MFA is most secure.
  3. What’s the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity? AI is being used both by cybercriminals and cybersecurity experts. People want to know how AI can predict and prevent cyber threats.

    • Answer: AI will make attacks more convincing.  This Blog from CyberHoot outlines five (5) common ways hackers are leveraging AI to attack us more effectively.  It is not all bad though.  This Forbes article suggests AI is improving companies in many ways and outlines some key learnings on how best to embark on AI helping your business.
  4. How Can I Create Strong, Memorable Passwords? Despite recent advances in some passwordless solutions (for example the Fido Initiative) passwords remain a fundamental aspect of online security. Cyber Al is often asked how to create strong, yet memorable, passwords and if password managers are required to succeed (Answer: yes).

  5. Are Mobile Devices Secure? With the growing use of smartphones and tablets, questions about the security of mobile devices have become prevalent. Users want to know how to protect their data on these platforms.

    • Answer: Mobile phones are computers.  You need to patch and update them just as you do a computer or they can be compromised giving up the data they contain to hackers.  While they are very good at encrypting your data from thieves, we are way to trusting and install far too many apps and grant those Apps permission to anything and everything.  Learn more about mobile device security in this CyberHoot blog: Mobile Device attacks are on the rise.
  6. What’s the Deal with Zero Trust Security? Zero Trust has gained traction as a security model. People ask about its principles and how it can enhance their cybersecurity posture.  Is it a good thing? Yes. Is it complicated to adopt? Yes.

    • Answer: For a more detailed explanation of Zero Trust and how companies are implementing and benefiting from it, please read CyberHoot’s “Cybersecurity Library” (aka: Cybrary) page “Zero Trust“.
  7. How Can Small Businesses Boost Their Cybersecurity Resiliency? Small businesses often face unique challenges in cybersecurity. Many are seeking advice on cost-effective strategies to protect their digital assets.

  8. What Are the Latest Phishing Techniques? Phishing attacks continue to evolve. Staying informed about the latest phishing techniques is crucial for avoiding falling victim to these scams.

    • Phishing risks are increasing: Phishing attacks can now steal your Email providers Session Token to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication as outlined in this CyberHoot Blog. This is a big deal. You need to train your staff to identify and delete all phishing emails before you become a victim.
  9. Is My Data Safe in the Cloud? Cloud computing is prevalent, but some are still unsure about its security. Questions about data safety in the cloud are frequent seen by Cyber Al and CyberHoot.

    • Cloud applications come with advantages and a disadvantages.  This article explains Cloud applications in general while this article explains some of the benefits and challenges.
  10. How Can I Stay Informed About Cyber Threats? Staying up-to-date on cybersecurity threats and trends is vital. People want to know where to find reliable sources of information.

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Concluding Thoughts – A Year full of Questions

In conclusion, cybersecurity is a lot like physical fitness. Just like physical fitness, you cannot become cyber literate (or fit) in one (1) training session a year.  At best you will pick up temporary knowledge to later forget.  At worst, you will likely hurt yourself.

The past year has seen an increased interest in various aspects of online security, from ransomware protection to AI’s role in cybersecurity. Staying informed and proactive in implementing cybersecurity measures is key to protecting personal and business data in our digital age.  Doing so consistently, on a regular (monthly) basis with a training and testing solution (CyberHoot anyone?) will improve your cyber literacy and resiliency to cyber attacks.

Remember, for in-depth insights and guidance on cybersecurity, you can always visit, where we’re dedicated to helping individuals (free access), Managed Service Providers (as partners), and businesses develop their cyber literacy skills. Stay safe and cyber-aware!

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