HowTo: Add CyberHoot’s RSS Feed

One of the greatest value contributions CyberHoot can make to any Business or Managed Service Provider is the wealth of Social Media content we produce.

Our Cybrary contains over 500 cybersecurity terms, definitions, and short videos explaining exactly what a particular term is and means.  When possible we add CyberHoot’s opinion on the significance of the term for an Small to Medium sized Business (SMB) to help understand if this is something to take action on.

How To Add CyberHoot’s RSS Feed to Teams or Slack Cybersecurity Channels

To add CyberHoot’s RSS Feed into Microsoft Teams or Slack, follow the instructions in the instructional videos below. The feed link you will need to accomplish this is:

Adding CyberHoot's RSS Feed Into Slack:

Adding CyberHoot's RSS Feed To Microsoft Teams:

For more instructional ‘HowTo’ videos, head over to our HowTo Library for more guidance. If you’re unsure where to start, review the following recommended videos and articles around common Administrator (or SuperAdministrator) pain points: 

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