linkedin slink phishing

LinkedIn Phishing Slink Attack

Secure your business with CyberHoot Today!!! Sign Up Now Hackers have found a new way to trick unsuspecting users into clicking on phishing links. Attackers use a marketing feature on …

remote job scam

Job Scam Attack: Fake Offers and Checks

The pandemic has created new opportunities for social engineering attacks on unsuspecting users. One method of attack has been successful enough to force the FBI to release a warning. Cybercriminals …

black friday cyberhoot

Be Wary of ‘Black Friday’ Scams

Finally, we’ve made it through the majority of 2021 and into the Holiday season, allowing us to celebrate by getting together with family and friends and perhaps do a little …

FedEx Smishing Scam

‘Tis The Season To Be Smished

The holiday shopping season means big business for retailers around the world, but it unfortunately also means big business for hackers. The reasoning is, people tend to be on the …

employment scams article

FBI: Watch Out For Fake Job Listings

Fake Job listings are collecting PII by the thousands of applicants. Be wary of offers too good to be true. Demand in person or video-based interviews and ask lots of questions.

defi blog

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) In A Nutshell

A phrase that has been making waves in the financial world is Decentralized Finance (aka: DeFi). DeFi uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to manage financial transactions outside the control of …

UK Census Smishing Attack

As many know, the United States had its decennial (every ten years) census in 2020, helping determine and record population statistics all over our country; questions around race, sex, and …

apple privacy

Apple’s New Privacy Initiative

Apple’s tracking-optional iOS 14.5 update provides privacy-preserving features, giving users the ability to opt-out of being followed around the Internet via “trackers” in their apps. This privacy-driven iOS 14.5 update …

IRS Impersonation Attack

Fake IRS Tax Forms This week, AbnormalSecurity reported an attack on an estimated 15-50 thousand email inboxes with a phishing attack. The attack’s purpose was to gain personal information that …

irs pin

IRS Pin Protection in 2021

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced this week that in January 2021 taxpayers can apply for an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN). This single-use code is designed to …

‘Smart’ Doorbell Vulnerabilities

The holiday season is officially upon us. Now is a good time to find great deals but proceed with caution: be wary of “too good to be true” deals. CyberHoot …

firefox 83 https

HTTPS-Only Mode Introduced by Firefox

For those that don’t know, the webpage you’re reading this article on features the security protocol of ‘HTTPS’ for example,; meaning all data leaving this webpage to and from your …

vishing threat

Vishing, A Threat You Haven’t Thought About

During COVID19 Hackers have upped their attacks to even circumvent two-factor authentication measures. Learn how they are using Vishing to by-pass your best VPN security measures and steal and ransom your data.

EOL and EOS Software and Hardware

11 Reasons to Upgrade Hardware and Software

The pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China were built to last forever. Computer hardware and software? Not so much. IT departments typically replace their workstations, servers, and …

human firewall

Building A Human Firewall

Most cybersecurity experts believe people are the weakest link but at CyberHoot we view people as the strongest line of defense known as the Human Firewall. Through training, policy guidance, and technical protections, people can go from weakest link to cybersecurity tour-de-force in protecting your company. Give them a fighting change and help them become more aware and in so doing, more secure personally and professionally.

Securing Remote Workers

COVID19 has forced many workers into work from home conditions. This has introduced new risks that are more easily addressed by cloud-enabled companies than more traditional on-premises application using companies. This article seeks to identify tips for both in securing businesses whether cloud-enabled or on-premise is your primary application source.

vCISO virtual CISO

vCISOs, Keeping Your Business Secure

There seems to be a news report every day about the latest security breach. Securing the privacy of company information, user information, and customer data is a top priority for …

cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance: Why It’s Needed – Part 1

Cyber Insurance is a developing market with businesses regularly purchasing cyber coverage in addition to liability, errors and omissions, fire, and flood. With so many attacks and data breaches happening …

smishing threat phishing

Smishing, The New Phishing

Many people know about Phishing, a form of social engineering to deceive individuals into doing a hacker’s bidding. Hackers convince users to click on malicious links in an email resulting …

government cybersecurity attacks

State & Local Government Cyberattacks Up 50%

Cybersecurity firm BlueVoyant published a report on August 27, 2020, finding that State and Local Governments have seen a 50% increase in cyberattacks since 2017. The report outlined the cyberattacks …

wifi 6

The New & Improved Wi-Fi 6 Standard

Do you ever get frustrated with your Internet speeds and find yourself saying “there’s no way this is as fast as it can go”? Well luckily for you, there’s a …

api security threat

API Security Risks and Recommendations

Experts are warning security professionals of the next big threat hitting the cyber world: Application Programming Interface (API) attacks. APIs work to make systems perform better by integrating other website’s …

facial recognition cyberhoot

Facial Recognition Takes A Step Back

As facial recognition technology improves and becomes more widespread in its applications for authentication purposes, it is important to understand that security researchers are also devising schemes to fool these systems and to both hide identities from the technology, and to find people from large identity databases alike. The only thing certain about facial recognition today is that it exists and it will continue to be refined and that privacy laws are struggling to keep pace with these advancements.

pet adoption scams

Hacker’s Latest Scam: Pet Adoptions

Cyber criminals capitalize on global events (COVID) and national trends that result from global events (Pet Adoption increases). CyberHoot is seeing an increase in Pet Adoption Scams and wants to help our users become more aware of how to spot these scams and avoid them. Become more aware to become more secure.

tattoo recognition software

Social Media Used To Catch Violent Protester

Social media video was used to identify and apprehend a violent protester in Philidelphia. Our images and identity markers are being documented everywhere we go and our privacy is being bottled up in countless databases across the world, boiled down to a digital fingerprints, and used by law enforcement and others if the data is breached and stolen. Are the right protections in place to protect our 4th amendment rights? With great power comes great responsibility. It also requires great cybersecurity protection which CyberHoot is not convinced exists to keep these digital fingerprints safe and protected from misuse.

Hackers Are Releasing Fake Contact Tracing Apps

Hackers are constantly adapting to the changing realities of today’s global pandemic. Their latest attack method is the release of bogus contact tracing applications. Twelve (12) country’s have had fake contract tracing apps released by hackers impersonating their government contact tracing programs in order to compromise citizen’s mobile devices. Learn how to protect yourself in this article.

phish testing employees

Phish Testing Employees

Phishing attacks represent 90% of successful breaches at Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs). Learn what they are and how to protect yourself from them at