Stalkerware refers to tools, apps, software programs, and devices that let another person (a stalker) secretly watch and record information on another person’s device. Parents use this type of tool to keep an eye on their children. Criminals often use such software for invasive and intrusive spying on individuals of interest.

Stalkerware can see and monitor many things on your mobile devices including access photos/videos you take, web browser history, text message conversations, call history, and even your location. Stalkerware with privileged access to your device can turn on your webcam or microphone, take screenshots, see activity on third-party apps (Snapchat or WhatsApp), and intercept, forward, or even record phone calls.

Smartphone stalkerware tools typically require a hacker to have physical access to your device to install the malware. Once installed, it runs in stealth mode without any notification to the end-user of the device that it is present.  Stalkerware is difficult to detect and remove. 

What does this mean for an SMB?

Stalkerware, as well as other cyber threats, often get into your systems through end-users. Studies show that 90% of cyber-attacks are caused by human error where your users succumb to phishing or social engineering attacks. It’s so important for you to help employees avoid human errors.  Follow CyberHoot’s best practices to avoid, prepare for, and prevent damage from cyber attacks:

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