CyberHoot: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA and why is it Important?

This CyberHoot core curriculum and Bootcamp video focuses on two-factor authentication (aka: 2FA). Two-factor authentication is the gold standard for securely authenticating yourself.  Banks, for a very long time now, have required clients to use two-factor authentication when:

    • accessing their website client portals;
    • clients calling into their support helpdesk; and
    • every time clients request a high value transaction such as sending a wire transfer. 

This video outlines the critical importance and value of setting up and using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on all of your critical accounts including:

    • VPN
    • Banking, Investments, and Finance websites
    • Email such as O365, Google Suite, or even free email accounts (Yahoo, AOL etc).

This video along with the others in our ‘Video Library’ are examples of what you can see when you use CyberHoot’s training platform. Our Library is not indicative of what exists in our Application Training Library as we have 600+ videos ready to assign for training in the system. Training videos inside the platform consist of Cybersecurity, PCI, HIPAA, Human Resources, ITAR, and various product training programs (QuickBooks, ADP, SalesForce, Teams, etc.). To see what else CyberHoot has to offer you can get started by heading to our homepage and scheduling a demo with our Co-Founder and cybersecurity expert, Craig Taylor. 

CyberHoot does have some other resources available for your use. Below are links to all of our resources, feel free to check them out whenever you like: 

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