Password Cracking

Password Cracking refers to the various methods hackers use to learn exactly what password you use to protect one of your computer accounts. This can be accomplished by recovering passwords …

5 Password Manager Myths

The Internet is racing towards 10 Billion publicly documented breached accounts. You can check your own email accounts for breaches and what information was compromised through CyberHoot’s website, inside your …

How Password Managers Work (an 11 min deep dive)


A password is a string of characters (letters, numbers, and other symbols) used to authenticate an identity or to verify access authorization. Early password advice from NIST in 2003 was …

LastPass Overview 2017 Training Video

LastPass Overview

This video provides a very good overview of LastPass password manager and its various features from secure password generation to storing credentials for websites, to storing encrypted Secure Notes.  If …

How to create a strong passphrase training

How to Create a Strong Passphrase

This 3-minute video outlines how to create strong passphrases by using at least five (5) discrete words that are changed slightly so that they are not spelled exactly as the …

Compromised Credentials

Compromised credentials are rampant online. Over 82% of breaches relate back to stolen passwords and phishing attacks. Learn what to do about it.

Passwords, Passphrases, and Password Managers

Cybersecurity skills needed for the 21st century include learning how to use a tool known as a password manager. This skill will provide you huge benefit in security, productivity, and confidence online.