Off Boarding Process

An Off Boarding Process refers to the process an organization follows to deprovision access from a departing employee. Most companies have a process they follow when an employee leaves the organization, but not many have all the proper steps in place.

It is important to have the IT department work with HR to build a robust off boarding process that ensures everything is as secure as possible. There are many instances where a disgruntled employee could put the company at risk by remotely accessing their work email or accessing the company wifi, allowing them to access sensitive documents and information.

Care should also be taken to build a list of Internet based resources that also need to have access removed for the departing individuals.  This is a commonly missed step that can lead to a good deal of lost Intellectual Property by terminated and departed employees.

The final tip from CyberHoot is to capture an artifact for each and every departing employee with dates and times that accounts were removed and by whom it was complete.  There’s nothing worse than failing an audit for work that you did but cannot prove was completed!

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If you would like to learn more about the dangers involved in offboarding employees, watch this short video:

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