A Mantrap is a small room with an entry door on one wall and an exit door on the opposite wall. One door of a mantrap cannot be unlocked and opened until the opposite door has been closed and locked. Mantraps are often used in physical security to separate non-secure areas from secure areas and prevent unauthorized access. Mantraps these days use interlocking doors interfaced so when one door is unlocked, the other door automatically locks. Pass-through permission is validated by a key fob, RFID badge, or Biometric verification. Some systems may use three-dimensional optical imaging or thermal imaging technology to prevent more than one person from passing through a mantrap at the same time.

Mantraps in current times are used in a variety of ways, not exclusive to the cybersecurity world. Some common contemporary examples are: 

  • Cleanrooms – Surgical/medical rooms where contamination is not acceptable. 
  • Prisons and Police Stations – Transporting detainees through the facility in a secure manner. 
  • Schools – Access to entrance lobbies and administration areas require added security.
  • Armored Car Facilities – Control vehicle entry into the facility and cash transfer from receiving to secured counting areas.
  • Shooting Ranges – Ensuring projectiles don’t leave the range, sound doesn’t bleed into the shopping area.

What does this mean for an SMB?

Mantraps are highly effective for various situations. Small to medium-sized businesses may utilize a tool like this but know that these solutions are very expensive and may not be required for most situations an SMB faces.  However, when additional physical security is required, some version of a Mantrap may be appropriate in your office space. Mantraps create an extra layer of security to ensure only authorized personnel are entering your office. This tool is most easily utilized if your business is located inside of a large office building, where guard services can be used as a form of Mantrap.
In addition to utilizing a Mantrap, CyberHoot recommends the following best practices to protect individuals and businesses against, and limit damages from, cyber attacks:

To see how a Mantrap works, watch this short 1-minute video:

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