Exploit Chain

An Exploit Chain is an attack that involves multiple exploits or attacks that are chained together to fully compromise a device. In these attacks, Hackers cannot use a single exploit to compromise their target but instead can combine a series of exploits that ultimately lead to malware getting installed on a smartphone (iOS or Android) which can lead to the loss of critical and sensitive data.  In the cases described in the video below, the websites visited by unsuspecting users contain a variety of attacks which when chained together can compromise the smart phones targeted.

How do I protect myself?

There are a few strategies you can employ to protect yourself from these chained exploits including:

  1. Patch your iOS/Android device to the latest version of vendor OS for the best chance of protection based upon Apple and Android fixing these things without publicly disclosing them to the public.
  2. Reboot your phone.  These exploit chains in their current incarnation was only valid while the device was live after visiting the malicious website.  Rebooting the device reverted to a pristine OS.

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Source: Chained Exploits, Andrew Whitaker

A Deep Dive into iPhone Exploit Chaining (a 40 min. video)

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