Allow List, Permit List

Allow Lists are the more commonly accepted term for White Lists.

Whitelist and Blacklist are racially charged terms. Therefore, modern enlightened computer administrators now refer to these technical solutions as Allow Lists and Deny Lists or Allowed Sites and Blocked Sites.

An Allow list is a list of entities that are considered trustworthy and are granted access or privileges. Allow lists may be used to authenticate users managing Firewalls as in these IP addresses are allowed to manage this firewall. Other times, allow lists are users to permit certain software to run on a computer system while all others are blocked. Finally, some web filtering software works by permitting access to named websites through an allow List.

What’s this mean for an SMB Owner:

Allow lists can provide a cheap and easy way to provide a second factor of protection for managing certain administrative interfaces in your organization. Using Allow lists to grant access to websites online or the software one can run inside your organization is not advisable according to CyberHoot in all but the most security minded, government protected entities. If you need this level of security, you may want to use a 3rd party tool like a carbon black or similar software.

Related Term: Block List or Deny List

Source: DHS personnel

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