FireTail Podcast: CyberHoot CEO Craig Taylor

CyberHoot CEO on FireTail: Modern Cyber’s Podcast

In this episode, FireTail’s host Andrew speaks with Craig Taylor, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberHoot.  They discuss the importance of incident response, tabletop exercises, and keeping backup systems regularly tested. Craig stresses the need for cyber literacy, pointing out that many breaches are caused by phishing, social engineering, and weak passwords. They also discuss how AI plays a dual role in cybersecurity. On one hand, it helps hackers create more convincing phishing emails or helps them find vulnerabilities. On the other hand, it can write code for developers or help strengthen intrusion detection systems, providing earlier warning of intrusion attempts.

CyberHoot is a security awareness training platform that provides all the tools needed to keep yourself, your business, and your customers secured. The platform’s features include:

  • Security Awareness Training
  • Innovative (disruptive) Assignment-Based Phish Testing
  • Technical Product Training
  • Governance Policy Compliance and Tracking
  • Detailed Automated Reporting, and
  • Dark Web Monitoring.

Learn how CyberHoot can help you secure your business with a free 30 day trial for businesses here: and remember CyberHoot is always free for individuals. Individuals can register here:

Craig Taylor, CEO/Co-Founder of CyberHoot - Podcast by FireTail: Modern Cyber

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