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BazarCaller – Vishing Gang

BazarCaller is a new cybercrime gang that uses Vishing to trick its victims into handing over information or access to a device. Vishing is the malicious practice of making phone … breach Fined Following Vishing Attack

Summary Message: Working out your Breach Notification during a Breach is a recipe for disaster. Back in December of 2018, experienced a breach, where the company was exploited through …


PayPal Smishing Attack

A PayPal text message phishing campaign was discovered that attempts to steal your account credentials and other sensitive information. This form of phishing attack, through text messages, is called Smishing.¬†¬†Hackers …

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Vishing, A Threat You Haven’t Thought About

During COVID19 Hackers have upped their attacks to even circumvent two-factor authentication measures. Learn how they are using Vishing to by-pass your best VPN security measures and steal and ransom your data.


Vishing is the fraudulent practice of making phone calls or leaving voice messages pretending to be from reputable companies in order to have individuals give out personal information, up to …