What Was 2020’s Most Expensive Cybercrime?

Reading the latest FBI report might convince you that Business Email Compromise was the largest cybercrime in 2020. Ransomware proves them wrong by a factor of at least 5 if not more. Both are scourges that SMBs need to protect themselves from. Become more aware to become more secure.

shark tank host phishing attack

Shark Tank Host Phished For Nearly $400K

Barbara Corcoran, a world famous Shark Tank host, was scammed out of nearly $400,000 in late February. Barbara Corcoran, a renowned real-estate broker and business expert, admitted last month that …


Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems to indiscriminately send unsolicited bulk messages. Email does not cost SPAMMERS anything to send. All they need is access to an open …


Related Terms: Social Engineering, Phishing Source: CNSSI 4009 If you would like more information on spoofing, watch this short video: Watch this video on YouTube

What is Business Email Compromise?

What is Business Email Compromise?

Watch this video on YouTube The FBI claims that over 50% of the 6 Trillion dollars lost to hackers and businesses is due to Business Email Compromise (aka: BEC).  That …

Domino Breaches: Stop the Falling Dominos

This article articulates the steps to immediately take when you’re under attack from this form of attack… something I’ve nicknamed the “Domino Attack”.  This attack has distinct phases which the hackers …