CyberHoot Newsletter – Q1 2024 January, February, March

“CyberHoot’s Newsletter has been on a brief hiatus as we focused on critical product improvements, finished 2024 strategic planning, and addressed performance improvements.  This newsletter is chock full of cyber news, contains a new section on recently added features, and a video interview of Craig on crazy hacking stories he’s experienced. We hope you enjoy this newsletter and stay tuned for monthly newsletters throughout 2024.”  – – Craig

March 2024

The Evolution of Phishing: SMS and Voice-Based Attacks

The Latest Trends in Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks are evolving to include SMS and voice-based tactics. Understand how cybercriminals are adapting their methods and learn valuable insights to protect yourself and your organization from these sophisticated scams. Read now.

Five Easy Steps to Boost Your Cybersecurity

Boost your Cybersecurity: Discover simple yet effective strategies to enhance your cybersecurity defenses in this quick article. Explore actionable tips that anyone can implement to strengthen defenses against cyber attacks.  Read now.

Understanding Privileged User Management (PUM) vs. Privileged Access Management (PAM)

PUM vs. PAM: Learn the key differences between Privileged User Management (PUM) and Privileged Access Management (PAM). Secure critical systems and data by understanding each approach from this concise read on privileged user management. Read now.

Bridging the Gap: Superuser Protection for SMBs and MSPs

How to Bridge the Security Gap: Learn actionable insights to enhance security protocols, safeguard sensitive data, and bolster defenses against cyber threats. Dive into this essential read to empower your organization with effective strategies for comprehensive protection. Read now.

February 2024

Safeguarding Your SMB or MSP Against Deepfake Cybercrime: Insights from Hong Kong

Learn Essential Strategies: How to protect your SMB or MSP from deepfake threats. Gain actionable insights from real world experiences and fortify your defenses against cybercrime. Stay ahead in safeguarding your organization’s integrity. Read now.

Microsoft Executive Email Breach: Lessons for SMBs and MSPs

Microsoft Breach: The breach of Microsoft Executive email accounts is a potent reminder that anyone can be hacked.  Dive into this essential guide to gain actionable strategies to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses and safeguard your digital assets. Read now.

Mega-Breach: The Impact of 26 Billion Leaked Credentials

Largest Data Breach in History: Billions of passwords and credentials flood the dark web leading to breaches like Change Healthcare.  Explore crucial strategies to safeguard against credential-based cyber threats. Our analysis will help you understand the true scale of the problem and arm you with the keys to protecting your digital identity. Read now.

January 2024

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Scams (Part 2)

Digital Danger Alert: Hackers and jilted lovers exploit cash apps to drain your bank account! Unravel the unsettling tactics infiltrating popular money transfer platforms, turning your phone into a gateway for unauthorized funds transfers.  Read now.  (Payment Scams – Part 1)

AI in Cybersecurity: Enhancing Threat Detection and Response

Transformative Power Unleashed: How AI Redefines Cybersecurity for MSPs and SMBs. Explore the cutting-edge landscape where Artificial Intelligence becomes the linchpin, revolutionizing threat detection and response to provide an unparalleled advantage in the dynamic world of cybersecurity. Read now.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Payment Scams to Watch Out For

Danger in the Digital Wallet: P2P Payment Scams Surge Amidst Advanced Social Engineering. As financial losses mount, a chilling rise in sophisticated tactics leaves users vulnerable, highlighting the urgent need for heightened awareness and security measures in the realm of peer-to-peer transactions. Read now.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends and Strategies in 2024

2024 Unfolding with Promise: Small to Medium sized Businesses face a critical imperative – fortify cybersecurity defenses now! The surge in hacker attacks throughout 2023 signals an urgent call for businesses to proactively strengthen their defenses, emphasizing the need for comprehensive employee training and cyber literacy skills to weather the escalating digital threats ahead. Read now.

Customer Spotlight

CyberHoot Awarded Badge From TrustRadius

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Networks exist where groups or “peers” of computer systems are linked to each other through the Internet for a common purpose usually with a common application directing their use. Files can be shared directly between systems on the P2P network without the need for a central server. In other words, each computer on a P2P network becomes a file server of sorts, while also acting as a client. 

Recently Added Features

New “Release Notes” Feature Added to Admin Dropdown!

We are excited to now be publishing our weekly release notes within the CyberHoot Admin Interface to all Super-Users.  Simply log into your CyberHoot Platform, click on Admin in the top right, and then select “Release Notes” Under your “Site Admin” section.  You can now stay up on all the new improvements we have released within CyberHoot each week.

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