reCAPTCHA is a security measure created by Google to help protect websites from spam, automated hacking tools, and cyber-attacks. These security measures are tests to distinguish between bots and humans. The tests are setup in a way that is easy for humans to solve, but very difficult for bots or other automated and malicious software to figure out.

This security tool blocks out malicious activity while allowing authorized users in; you will often see it when attempting to access a website. The test involves the user selecting photo boxes that have the item mentioned in the text field such as; traffic lights, cars, or bridges. Google has recently updated their reCAPTCHA to help with various parts of your security, watch the video at the end of this article to learn more.

Source: Google Support

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What does this mean for an SMB?

Having reCAPTCHA enabled on your website is a good idea if you are trying to avoid spam. Inserting reCAPTCHA into your site pages containing forms or payment options can improve your site security while also reducing the amount of spam email or nuisance registrations for your website.
Google gives out their reCAPTCHA security tool for free currently, though there have been rumors of the company charging for it’s use in the future. If you are thinking about enabling a feature like this, CyberHoot recommends it as it improves your site security and you may even save money before Google starts charging for the service. 

To learn more about Google's newest version of reCAPTCHA, watch this 2 minute video:

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