Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is the most important topic for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). MRR is the lifeblood of MSPs and services they can bring into their portfolio of service offerings that generate MRR as well as client value are in high demand.  Monthly Recurring Revenue is the amount of income your business generates automatically through your contract agreements with your clients on a monthly basis. Subscription services use this metric because they often receive payment on a monthly basis, making their monthly revenue numbers very important.  Monthly invoices for services are typically booked as Operational Expenditures for Small and Medium businesses. In contrast large capital expenses would be represented by hardware purchases or perhaps a company vehicle or building.

Source: SaaS Metrics

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Differences between Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses

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What does this mean for an MSP?

MSPs are always looking for ways to improve their business value while increasing revenues.  Cybersecurity is one important way that has many unique benefits to an MSP including:
  • Adding value to your clients through improved security, lower risk of costly compromise, and employee confidence from learning important 21st century skills (password managers, how to spot Phishing attacks etc.);
  • Reduced stress and burn out for your MSP employees from fewer overnight and weekend emergencies due to cybersecurity incidents (ransomware);
  • Monthly recurring revenue that can be had by partnering with Learning Management systems that provide a share of the revenues to your MSP;
  • Improvements to your Client retention by adding value to your client relationships.
CyberHoot can help in all of these Areas
CyberHoot provides you all of these things and more.  The value your MSP provides your clients increases greatly. CyberHoot allows you to train not only your clients on cybersecurity skills they need, but also your own MSP staff.
Importantly, CyberHoot provides the highest MRR to MSP’s in the industry for cybersecurity awareness solutions today, despite providing the highest degree of business automation and ease of use on the market.  Your MSP does not need to add staff to support CyberHoot’s solution.
CyberHoot can also help with pre-sales by allowing you to run phishing campaigns and dark web reports for prospects to turn them into clients by educating them on the risks they face from hackers.

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