Linkjacking, also known as click-jacking, is a method used to redirect the link of one website to another website. Generally speaking, this is accomplished by submitting someone else’s content to an aggregator website, which in turn pushes traffic to the secondary site, rather than the website of the original creator. Some linkjackers provide a website with no original content and by driving up traffic to the alternate content, they make money on people clicking through advertisements. When used in this fashion, the linkjacker doesn’t provide back-links. Linkjacking can be done in a positive way, through the methods used by Reddit. Reddit tends to use linkjacking when there is an interesting blog or article trending on their site. When there is an interesting trending article, the notable website provides back-links and appropriate references to the original content, thereby giving a large spike in traffic to the originating website.

Source: Computerhope

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What does this mean for a SMB?

It is important that you train your employees on the cybersecurity basics so they can avoid attacks like these. Training your employees and improving their awareness can help reduce the likelihood of an employee accidentally downloading malware to a company computer. Limiting access to administrative rights to a select few individuals at your company will help reduce your threats.

While there are no guarantees in cybersecurity, one way to diminish the possibility of linkjacking on your site is to closely vet your web hosting company. Web Hosting companies provide the base design of both your hardware and software firewalls, and a healthy and updated firewall gives you a strong line of defense against malicious hackers. If your website continues to get linkjacked, you may want to consider investing in a more expensive Web Application Firewall (or WAF).

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