Information Resources Management (IRM)

Information Resources Management (IRM) is the planning, budgeting, organizing, directing, training, and control associated with an organization’s information.  The term encompasses both information itself and the related resources, such as personnel, equipment, funds, and technology.

Why Would an SMB Owner Need to Care About IRM?

Information Resource Management planning is critical to businesses long-term success and viability.  If your business experiences a large growth in demand and it was predictable, did your IRM accommodate that growth?  Were you able to service your clients?  Planning is central to IRM.  Many SMB’s turn to Managed Services Providers and Cloud Services Providers to perform their best IRM work.  The classic example for this is H&R Block.  Their IRM around Tax season escalates to 100x the need during the rest of the year.  They partner with AWS to capture the benefits of Elastic Cloud resources which grow in accordance with their unique needs.  IRM planning should help you grow your business when you need it to.  This includes managing replacement of End-of-Life and End-of-Support software and hardware in your business as well.

For more information on IRM, please watch this 9 min. video:

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