Incident Reponse

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Incident Response is the activities that address the short-term, direct effects of an incident and may also support short-term recovery. Incident Response in cybersecurity work is where a team responds to a crisis or urgent situations within their entity to mitigate immediate and potential threats to business operations. Incident Response plans should include various phases of prescribed activities including Incident (1) Identification, (2) Containment, (3) Eradication, (4) Recovery, and (5) Revision.

Incident response plans should be written and tested. They must place the protection of human lives above any other activity. For example: If an Ambulance Dispatch system is compromised by hackers but otherwise performing its functional duties, the first law of Incident Response – protection of human life – means you cannot necessarily move to Containment and Eradication phases until a suitable replacement service is stood up to prevent a potential loss of life.

Synonym: Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery, Revision

Related Term: Recovery

Source: Workforce Framework

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