Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT)

A Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a group of security experts who respond to cybersecurity incidents. These teams work on many unique cybersecurity incidents involving malware, viruses, and cyber attacks on businesses. The work of a CERT encompasses a wide variety of security activities aimed at preventing and minimizing cyberattacks from wherever they originate. CERT teams focus on cybersecurity problems, attacks heuristics, and communicate their investigations to the broader population of consumers. In this sense a CERT team is like a honeypot, advising the rest of us about attack methods, developments, and evolutions.

Lastly, CERT teams can exist within large enterprises, cybersecurity focused service providers, individual nation states, and cooperating groups of nation states. Examples of CERT organizations include: US CERT,, and Australia’s CERT Organization.

Source: Techopedia

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As an SMB Owner, What should I do about CERT Organizations?

It is always a good idea to subscribe to an organization like a CERT or Cybersecurity entity (CyberHoot) who can keep you informed about emerging threats, critical vulnerabilities, and attack vectors you might face as an SMB owner. Subscribe to the US CERT for their advisories and to CyberHoot Newsletters, to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity threats we all face.

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