Closed Source

Closed Source is software that is generally not free, where the source code is safe and encrypted. Contrary to Open Source, Closed Source can’t copy, modify, or delete parts of the code without consequence. Consequences can go from voiding a warranty to legal repercussions. Open Source software has a “mass collaboration” approach, where Closed Source software developers are the ones that generally handle the development and fixes, meaning it is under their discretion if they continue their ongoing development or not. Closed Source software is something that cannot be widely distributed due to licensing that comes with the products. Examples of Closed Source software would be Windows, Microsoft Office, Skype, or Internet Explorer. 

Source: Veriday

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What does this mean for an SMB?

Most people are familiar with Closed Source products like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office, but aren’t aware that there are free options out there that allow your users to modify or distribute the source code as they wish. There isn’t necessarily a better way, Open or Closed Source; the solution you choose typically depends on the type of business you run and the needs and objectives your company holds.
Smaller companies with strong technology skills and a tight budget may wish to orient towards using Open Source software, as they can modify the source code much easier than your everyday employee.
Larger companies with a greater variety of staff skillset may need to stick with COTS Software or Closed Source solutions for the more consistent user interface, support offerings, and potentially even training solutions.
If you have a Cyber or IT department within your SMB, it may not be a bad idea to talk to those employees and see if they are open to running Open Source software. 

To learn more about Open and Closed Source, watch this short 5 minute video:

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