Attack Surface

The Attack Surface in cyber security is the sum of all of the points, or “attack vectors” where a hacker can try and input data into or take out data from an environment. Keeping the attack surface as small as possible is the best cyber security tactic.

Related Term: Moving Target Defense

Source: Open Web Application Security Project

What does this mean for SMB’s?

SMB owners should implement the Top 10 protections recommended in CyberHoot’s Blog article to reduce their attack surface as much as possible.  By putting these items in place you are not guaranteeing you can eliminate all security incidents, but you are making your organization much harder to hack. 

In a physical world these recommendations are the equivalent of Guard dogs, spot lights, locks on all your windows and doors, and armed security details parading through your yard.  Sure you could be attacked, but there are many other easier targets for hackers to go after.

To learn more about reducing an attack surface, watch this short video:

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