vishing refund scam

Refund Vishing Scams

Secure your business with CyberHoot Today!!! Sign Up Now We’re constantly receiving emails, text messages, and phone calls from scammers claiming to be reputable brands we use. What you may …

instagram scam

Instagram Scams: How To Avoid Them

Since Instagram’s official launch in 2010, it’s seen more than 1 billion accounts opened with users sharing close to 100 million photos every day. Instagram’s popularity skyrocketed since its launch …

pet adoption scams

Hacker’s Latest Scam: Pet Adoptions

Cyber criminals capitalize on global events (COVID) and national trends that result from global events (Pet Adoption increases). CyberHoot is seeing an increase in Pet Adoption Scams and wants to help our users become more aware of how to spot these scams and avoid them. Become more aware to become more secure.