Encipher is to convert plaintext to ciphertext by means of a cryptographic system. This process is done to keep important information safe and only deciphered with the proper key. Synonyms: …

December 26th, 2019


Ciphertext is data or information in its encrypted form. Ciphertext is the output when an encyption process is deployed. Encryption is done when important information must be safeguarded against attackers. …

December 22nd, 2019


Plaintext is unencrypted information. Plaintext is the precursor to ciphertext. It is also the output of decrypting of an encrypted message. Related Term: Ciphertext, Cryptography, Encryption Source: CNSSI 4009

December 22nd, 2019


Encryption is the process of transforming plaintext into ciphertext. This is done by converting data into an unreadable form using an encryption cipher with variable key lengths. Assuming one is …

December 22nd, 2019