CyberHoot’s Power Platform: 2024 Release Notes

CyberHoot’s Power Platform: build a robust cybersecurity program that includes: cyber policies, awareness and product training, positive-reinforcement, educational phishing simulations/testing, and Dark Web reports.

Spend more time on your business while CyberHoot teaches cyber literacy to your staff.

04/04/24: Build 1060

  • Performance Improvements: updated compliance scripts to run more quickly and with less overhead on system performance.
  • Added Customer Mass Actions (archive and unarchive) capability similar to User Mass actions to both CyberHoot’s API and the Admin dashboard.
  • Added 24 hour timer to “My Assignments” links to expire instead of deleting after being clicked. Updated feedback to clicked “My Assignment” links to reflect expiration.
  • Added welcome email alert to Dashboard schedule for better clarity on send date.
  • Created CSV export button for Video and Program Libraries.

03/25/24: Build 1959

  • Fixed PHP 8.0 Upgrade errors

03/18/24: Build 1057 & 1058

  • Added MSP Aggregate Customer Compliance report and a settings page to schedule these reports.
  • Upgrading to PHP8.0 and fixed some error conditions encountered. 
  • Fixed downloading Certificates of Completion failure condition.
  • Performance improvements to all platforms with better load balancing.
  • Added end-user acknowledgement popup when retaking phishing assignments on all platforms.

03/12/24:  Build 1056

Users Management: Mass Updates

  • Add the ability to mass update users (archive, restore etc.)

Welcome Email Improvement

  • Updated welcome email to send to new users when welcome email is enabled after automated training has begun.

General Improvements

  • Schedule compliance reports as was already possible on Autopilot.
  • Added DNSTwister domains to Cybersecurity Scorecard Report helping MSPs prospect for new customers. DNSTwister reports on typo-squatted domains.

02/20/24: Build 1054

  • Mobile device display improvements.
  • Disabled certification of completion for optional assignments.
  • Updated Phish test instructions landing page and pushed out to all deployments that were using the default text.

02/13/24: Build 1053

  • Fixed issue with CyberHoot logo defaulting onto certificates of completion.
  • Added ‘selector1’ and ‘selector2’ to DKIM checks in Cybersecurity Customer Report.
  • Fixed user removal in Entra ID sync where users were not being removed.
  • Performance improvements across the platform.

02/07/24: Build 1052

  • Renamed Azure to Entra ID
  • Fixed excel CSV file upload errors.
  • Found and removed all old 2-Phish and 3-Phish back-to-back simulations.
  • Added tips to phishing simulation results for end user feedback.
  • Adopted international date standard for date variable across the platform.
  • Fixed issue in compliance table in downloadable reports.

01/30/24: Build 1051

  • Updated API to support more Partner integration needs.

01/25/24: Build 1050

  • Enabled domain-wide dark web searches for customers.
  • Stopped sending empty Manager Compliance reports when training has not started.
  • Added support for webp images used in brand’s logo.
  • Added customer create and customer type changes to MSP logs.

HootPhish Overview Videos

CyberHoot’s latest platform release is known as HootPhish.
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